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Educational Psychologist
15 Kerkhof Street
George, Western Cape
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by Eva E.
(11 Jun 19 @ 10:40 am)

Extremely professional, highly educated and experienced, fantastic rapport with kids. Compassionate, skilled and empathetic. After nearly three years of therapy nothing but praise for her professionalism and amazing results. Slander reviews reflect on the character of the reviewer only, ignore them.

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by Sarah M.
(10 Feb 18 @ 3:29 pm)

Unprofessional to the extreme. When she submitted her assessment to a SA court it was widely regarded as perhaps the single most unprofessional document seen by law professionals who have been practicing for many decades. Indeed it was immediately dismissed because of this.

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Hetta van Niekerk is an Educational Psychologist in private practice in George in the Western Cape, South Africa. She has been practicing for 25 years and is trained in various techniques and schools of therapy; including Child-Centered Play Therapy, Bibliotherapy, Narrative Therapy, EMDR and Art Therapy. She is fully bilingual and offers her services in English and Afrikaans.

BA (Hons) Psych (UP) HED Postgrad (UNISA) M Ed (Psych) (UP) Cert. Child Law (CE at UP) PhD (Law) (RU)


Hetta has a special interest in working with individuals whose voice is often not heard; including children and individuals with intellectual disabilities. The following services are offered by Hetta van Niekerk:

  • Play Therapy (Child-Centered)
  • Therapy (individual and family therapy using various techniques)
  • Parental Guidance
  • Cognitive Development / Education
  • Scholastic Evaluations
  • Emotional Evaluations
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Presentations & Workshops
  • Competency Assessment Training (for professionals)


Dr Hetta van Niekerk
Educational Psychologist